Welfare Benefit Trust

The Welfare Benefit Trust Program provides funds to help owners and trainers cover medical, dental, vision, prescription, audiology and chiropractic bills.   

Welfare Benefit Trust Guidelines and Limits
Welfare Benefit Trust Enrollment Form (Yellow form to be filled out at the beginning of the year)
Wefare Benefit Trust Bill Payment Form (Pink Form)
Welfare Benefit Trust Employee Benevolence Request

Horsemen's Assistance Fund

The Horsemen's Assistance Fund is a need-based program to provide backstretch workers with aid for unexpected expenses or help in times of crisis. 

Assistance Fund Application
Landlord Verification Form
Funeral Assistance Form

WV Racing Commission Retirement Plan for
Backstretch Personnel

The WV Racing Commission Retirement Plan for Backstretch Personnel provides retirement funds for trainers and backstretch workers.  Applications are taken in the spring of every year for qualification in the previous calendar year. 

Trainer qualifications:
Trainers must have a minimum of 18 starts at a WV racetrack in the benefit year.
If the trainer has more than 18 starts, 75% of them must be in WV.
Additional qualifications may apply if the trainer has more than 100 WV starts.
If you have questions regarding qualifications, please contact the HBPA office. 

Backstretch worker qualifications:
The plan is open to assistant trainers, grooms, exercise riders, hot walkers and pony people.
Backstretch workers must provide W-2 or 1099 verifying $7500 in income from a WV licensed trainer to qualify.  

Application period for this year has closed.  Check back in April for new application forms.